10,000 John Deere workers strike over contract

Some 10,000 unionized Deere & Company workers went on strike early Thursday after rejecting a contract proposal from the agriculture equipment manufacturer. The big picture: The John Deere tractors maker and negotiators for the United Automobile Workers (UAW) reached a deal on the proposal earlier this month. 90% of union members voted against the agreement, per Reuters. […]

In Middle America, Unions and Democrats Are Sleepwalking Into the Grave

There is nothing the Democratic Party loves more than indulging in some existential hand wringing over its declining popularity in the crumbling American heartland. Indeed, this was the favorite pundit pastime of the entire Trump era. Amid the wailing over cultural differences and economic insecurity, a rarely heard word is ​“unions.” Yet, a new report adds to the […]

For a Winning School Lunch, you Can’t Beat the Union Difference

During the second full week in October, National School Lunch Week shines the spotlight on the programs and nutritious food served up every day throughout the school year. While school cafeterias do their best (which is always a challenge as we emerge from COVID), parents can do their part by making sure their children’s lunch […]

Support BCTGM Kellogg Members on Strike

For more than a year throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Kellogg workers around the country have been working long, hard hours, day in and day out, to produce Kellogg ready-to-eat cereals for American families. Kellogg’s response to these loyal, hardworking employees has been to demand these workers give up quality health care, retirement benefits, and holiday […]

Starbucks workers in New York attempt to form coffee chain’s first union

Workers at three Starbucks stores in upstate New York have filed paperwork to organize, which if successful would mark the first successful union drive in the coffee chain’s history. The group, which calls itself Starbucks Workers United, is representing about 70 employees in the Buffalo region. The group is asking the National Labor Relations Board […]

District 776 Members Preparing for Upcoming Lockheed Martin Contract Negotiations

Members of an IAM District 776 negotiation committee recently completed a week-long negotiation preparation course ahead of planned talks next year for a new labor contract covering approximately 5,000 workers at the Lockheed Martin facility in Fort Worth, Texas. This also marked the first in-person contract negotiation prep course at the William W. Winpisinger Center […]

40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention to be Held in Las Vegas in October 2022

The IAM Executive Council has met and unanimously voted to hold the 2022 IAM Grand Lodge Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton Resorts World from October 2-7, 2022. A letter will be sent to Local Lodges soon with further information on delegates and constitutional proposals. The Grand Lodge Convention had previously been scheduled to take […]

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